Wednesday, February 11, 2009

FREE STUFF!!! And a V-Day Card whose exsistence actually makes a difference in the world!

Nothing is better than free stuff! Not to mention free printables!!! I recently bought some super cute Valentine's Day printables from this great little shop called E.M. Papers on, and then I visted their website. JACKPOT!!!! Not only do they have an even wider range of printables for great low prices but they have freebies sprinkled in EVERYWHERE on the site. Don't let the thumbnails on the side fool ya! Go through all the links and all the little tabs and you'll find free printables in almost every one.

To top it off the artist whose cards are sold on this site is a good guy...person... woman... human, whatever. All proceeds from the Bike Valentine card ( go to The Emancipation Network or TEN, which works to end global slavery and human trafficking. Much of TEN's work involves reintegrating women who have been slaves in the sex industry by providing therapeutic handicraft work.

Great Valentine's Day card, great cause, and freebies to boot! If there were such a thing as a three-fer I'm pretty sure this would be it!

Happy Valentine's Day Everybody!

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