Friday, January 9, 2009

How to tell whether or not you're a grown up...

Sad but true, I am officially a grown up. You wanna know how I know? I'm in L-O-V-E with a vacuum; the Dyson Animal to be exact. Sleek, shiny, super sexy, and can suck up a whole dog's worth of fur in a matter of seconds! Oh ya, Baby! That's how mama likes it!
Seriously though, this thing is SWEET! It's like the Mercedes Benz of vacuums! Granted the sticker price is a bit of shocker, but I think I could handle it if they had a payment plan, lol! At the very least I'm gonna have to factor the cost of one of these babies into the mortgage for my house if I ever get one! Check out the website and you'll see for yourself. Btw, if any one's interested, I'm up for going in half-sies. One of us takes it on the weekends, the other Monday through Thursday?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Valentine's Day Cards for Dummies

It's no secret, I love printables!! For anywhere from $3.00 to $8.00 you get a pdf that you can print over and over, and over again. All you need is some cardstock and a printer and you can print out gifts, cards, calenders, tags, and more for yourself or anyone you know for any reason: holiday, birthday, or even just cuz! Thanks to the wonderful sellers on Etsy I have over induldged my love for printables just a lil bit, but every time I come across a new printable with a great design I just can't resist! This week it's the awesome Valentine's Day card printables available at Etsy shop Three Wheels Design. These cards are super cute and if I had school age children they would be such a great buy! Think about it; no more generic Valentine's, no more supporting companies you don't believe in, and if you print these cards on recycled cardstock, it's totally eco-friendly! To top it off you own the file so year after year you can print these cards out and give them again and again; and there's nothing to worry about storing! Just follow the link to check out the cute cards pictured below: