Monday, May 11, 2009


I absolutely LOVE! This is the holy grail of blogs for all paper crafters, scrapbookers, wedding coordinators and anyone else looking to DIY (obviously, lol). There's free downloads, links, and tutorials out the ying-yang. The first day I stumbled upon this site I stayed up until 3am reading archived entries and downloading freebies (really, its like crack it's sooo good!)!!
If you have a wedding, a baby shower, or a party of any kind coming up you HAVE to visit this site!

ANOTHER THING I LOVE; my Etsy Customers! Not only to they buy my stuff and feed my addiction for all things crafty but they have some pretty awesome stores themselves. This week I sold a bunch of lot of little tags to Allie at and when I did a little reverse stalking and checked out her store I was one smitten kitten. Maybe, it's because I can't sew anything other than the blanket stitch or because my OCD drives me to want to buy anything that will help me get even the littlest bit more organized, but I love these pouches!! Someone I know is soooo getting one of these for a Birthday or Christmas and I think I'm going to have to splurge on one for myself too! Maybe the pink faux bois one?