Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blogging About Crap

I'm sitting at my boring desk job in front of my computer for the upteenth night in a row and a thought has suddenly occurred to me, "Maybe people, other people with real jobs and no time on their hands, would love to see all the great crap I find when I'm surfing online?" (and yes my thoughts really are that long winded). I mean, seriously, on average I spend about 4 hours a day at work doing nothing but surfing the web and waiting on the phone to ring (sounds like a sweet gig, but, trust me, there's no need to be jealous!). I find tons of crap online: eco-friendly crap, posh crap, stupid crap, crap for sale, funny crap, cute crap, weird crap, crap that makes me glad I only know certain people online, and pretty much any other crap you could possible think of! So, if your into crap and don't have enough time to go find crap on your own then, ladies and gentlemen, this blog is for you!!

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